Variety Sauces

In addition to its long-established tomato and barbecue varieties, Cerebos Foodservice is proud to offer a selection of Fountain sauces to cover all foodservice needs across the full spectrum of the market, from high volume catering and hotel use to cafes, bistros and takeaways.

The range includes all the most popular varieties, many of which are gluten free.

All Fountain sauces are packaged in innovative SmartPOUR bottles which feature a built-in venting tube which prevents glugging by allowing air to easily enter while you're pouring; an offset bottle neck to aid decanting and minimise sauce after-drip; scalloped base making it easier to decant residual sauce than with typical flat-base design; and ergonomically designed handles to make the bottles easier to carry and hold.

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  • FOUNTAIN Worcestershire Sauce

    The distinctively spicy flavour profile of Fountain Worcestershire Sauce has made it a back of house mainstay for many decades and an essential ingredient in casseroles, ragouts and marinades to enrich and complement the flavours of your most popular recipes. It’s also an ideal tabletop condiment. • Gluten free

    Size: 4L
    Units per shipper: 3
    FOUNTAIN Soy Sauce

    Soy Sauce is highly regarded as an essential ingredient in Asian cooking, enhancing the flavours of dishes with its distinctively salt and soy-derived flavour. As many chefs are now discovering, it can also be used to enrich a wide range of western dishes. • Gluten free • No artificial flavours • No added MSG

    Size: 4L
    Units per shipper: 3
    FOUNTAIN Sweet Chilli Sauce

    Complementing sweetness with the spicy flavour of chilli, Fountain Sweet Chilli Sauce will impart that distinctive Asian taste to chicken and seafood dishes, and its versatility also extends to its use as a marinade or dipping and basting sauce. Gluten free • No artificial flavours • No artificial colours

    Size: 4L
    Units per shipper: 3
    FOUNTAIN Satay Sauce

    Rich and chunky and packed with roasted peanuts, coconut and spices, Fountain's aromatic Satay Sauce is the easy way to enrich stir fries, chicken and meat dishes and vegetarian offerings alike with authentic satay flavour.

    Size: 2.5L
    Units per shipper: 3