Proudly made in Australia from the finest quality ingredients, the Fountain condiment range is the ideal choice to accompany fresh-roasted meals and vegetables or cold meats including ham, turkey and chicken.

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  • FOUNTAIN Red Currant Jelly

    Red Currant Jelly is a traditional sweet and tart condiment which complements the flavours of hot and cold meats alike, particularly roasted lamb, chicken and turkey.

    Size: 1.25kg
    Units per shipper: 6
  • F. Whitlock & Sons

    Caramelised Onion Relish

    Onions are mongrels. Even when you cut them, you’re the one that ends up crying. So we seared the begeezus out of them until they could no longer hurt anyone. Now they have a much sweeter disposition. Dollop some on a burger or add it to gravy.

    Size: 2kg
    Units per shipper: 3
    Peach and Mango Chutney 2kg

    We’ve bought the delicious flavours of apricot, peach and mango together in sweet harmony. Well, not so much ‘harmony’ as ‘forced confinement’, the resulting blend was worth their pain though. Give your chicken wrap or salad extra zing.

    Size: 2kg
    Units per shipper: 3
    Beetroot and Balsamic Relish 2kg

    When Beetroot and Balsamic step into the ring together it’s the Ali vs Forman of food fights. After 15 rounds, when each has been beaten to a pulp, the only winner is us, the lucky consumer. Delightful on sandwiches and cheese platters.

    Size: 2kg
    Units per shipper: 3
    Tomato and Smoky Chipotle Relish 2kg

    The only thing tomatoes and chipotle peppers have in common is the colour red, which makes for a very fiery relationship. And as they say “where there’s fire there’s smoke”, which makes a very tasty union indeed. Perfect on chicken sliders or in tacos and fajitas.

    Size: 2kg
    Units per shipper: 3