BBQ Sauces

The perfect complement to a juicy steak or as a base for marinating, dipping or basting, Barbecue Sauce is an indispensable part of the great Aussie tradition of al fresco dining with family and friends. Whether at home or dining out, Australians know and love the piquant flavour of Fountain Barbecue Sauce - it's a must-have accompaniment for a whole range of snacks and meals.

All Fountain sauces are packaged in innovative SmartPOUR bottles which feature a built-in venting tube which prevents glugging by allowing air to easily enter while you're pouring; an offset bottle neck to aid decanting and minimise sauce after-drip; scalloped base making it easier to decant residual sauce than with typical flat-base design; and ergonomically designed handles to make the bottles easier to carry and hold.

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    The ideal choice to enrich barbecued food or as a condiment to accompany red meats, Fountain Barbecue Sauce is also an excellent base for marinades and for basting meats prior to cooking. Add your choice of other ingredients for a distinctive signature flavour. • Gluten free

    Size: 4L
    Units per shipper: 3