Gourmet & Flavoured Salt

The SAXA gourmet and flavoured salt range includes Sea Salt Flakes which have been harvested from the great southern ocean and evaporated using traditional methods to retain flavour intensity, as well as Chicken Salt and Chicken and Chip Salt which are ideal accompaniments to takeaway treats and dine-in meals alike.

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  • Gourmet & Flavoured Salt

    SAXA Sea Salt Flakes 500g

    Equally suitable for cooking and as a tabletop condiment, SAXA Sea Salt Flakes are 100 per cent natural with no artificial additives. The perfect finishing salt to complement any meal, they’re also ideal to use in combination with chopped fresh herbs and spices for a fresh and fragrant seasoning.

    Size: 500g
    Units per shipper: 6
    SAXA sea salt flakes 1.7kg

    Size: 1.7kg
    Units per shipper: 3
    SAXA Chicken Flavoured Salt

    SAXA Chicken Flavoured is the perfect condiment to enhance the flavour of roast or barbecued meats as well as an ideal complement to hot chips and vegetables. • Gluten free • No added MSG • No artificial flavours or colours

    Size: 3kg
    Units per shipper: 1
    SAXA Chicken & Chip Salt

    Developed specifically for the needs of the takeaway food market, SAXA Chicken & Chip Salt has long been popular as a sought-after accompaniment to hot chips as well as barbecued chicken.

    Size: 650g
    Units per shipper: 12
    SAXA pink Himalayan rock salt 2.5kg

    Size: 2.5kg
    Units per shipper: 3