Bulk Salt

Produced to the highest levels of purity and quality, SAXA naturally evaporated sea salt is proudly made in Australia in a variety of formulations to suit all professional needs.

SAXA is available to the professional market in 10kg packs which feature a carry-handle for sale and convenient handling.

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  • Bulk Salt

    SAXA Table Salt

    SAXA Table Salt enhances the natural flavours and aromas of food ingredients while also helping to balance sweet and bitter flavours, imparting greater depth and complexity to meals.

    Size: 10kg
    Units per shipper: 1
    SAXA Cooking Salt

    The perfect choice for Australian home cooking is also ideal for the commercial kitchen. The medium-sized crystals of SAXA Cooking Salt make capturing a pinch or other measure simple. SAXA Cooking Salt is suitable for all cooking requirements including crisping crackling, flavouring greens and salting water. It won’t clump when exposed to steam, making it an ideal choice for the commercial kitchen.

    Size: 10kg
    Units per shipper: 1
    SAXA Rock Salt

    The large, pearly crystals of SAXA Rock Salt will enhance the presentation of a range of contemporary cuisine including shucked oysters and prawns. In addition to its application in curing and preserving meats, SAXA Rock Salt is also convenient for salt-roasting seafood, chicken and root vegetables and presents attractively in tabletop salt grinders.

    Size: 10kg
    Units per shipper: 1