Cerebos Foodservice makes it simple to offer your customers low-calorie alternatives to sugar which have been developed to ensure no compromise on taste.

Made from a secret formulation of natural sweeteners, Natvia contains only  0.6 calories per serve and in addition to its use as a tabletop condiment is also ideal to use in place of sugar when cooking and baking. Cerebos Foodservice is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Natvia to Australian foodservice distributors and corporate caterers.

Sweet N Low is a cost-effective sweetener and a long-established brand which boasts strong marketplace loyalty from consumers across more than 50 countries. Sweet N Low has zero calories and is an ideal tabletop sugar alternative.

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  • NATVIA Natural Sweetener

    Containing only 0.6 calories per serve – that’s 95 per cent fewer calories than sugar – Natvia has no bitter aftertaste and was developed in conjunction with baristas and coffee roasters to ensure its flavour will perfectly complement coffee and other hot beverages, making it an ideal tabletop condiment for those customers seeking an alternative to sugar. Natvia is also the perfect choice for the commercial kitchen when you’re looking to create sugar-free cakes, pastries, desserts and other sweet treats for your customers to enjoy.

    Size: 2g
    Units per shipper: 500
    Size: 10kg
    Units per shipper: 1
    SWEET N LOW Single Serve Sweetener

    Zero calorie sugar alternative Sweet N Low is a long-established and trusted sweetener, introduced more than 50 years ago in the US and now available in more than 50 countries. The sweetener of choice for many loyal customers, Sweet N Low is the ideal option as a tabletop offering for those who don’t take sugar.

    Size: 1g
    Units per shipper: 1000