Chocolate & Cocoa

Cerebos Foodservice offers a selection of drinking chocolates and cocoa, all of which boast the rich, full bodied taste of quality cocoa beans and the flavour craved by all who appreciate fine chocolate. Ideal served hot or cold.

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  • MOCOPAN Dutch Cocoa Powder

    A magnificently rich dark cocoa powder of exceptional quality. Ideal as a recipe ingredient for baking, desserts and toppings as well as a hot beverage.

    Size: 500g
    Units per shipper: 12
    Size: 1.5kg
    Units per shipper: 6
    FLYING CUP Drinking Chocolate

    Smooth, chocolatey and delicious, Flying Cup Drinking Chocolate is the cost-effective choice for hot chocolates your customers are sure to appreciate. Bulk pack.

    Size: 1kg
    Units per shipper: 10
    CEREBOS ROYAL BLEND Drinking Chocolate

    A premium, indulgent drinking chocolate featuring superior creamy flavour and smooth texture. Ideal to serve as a cold iced chocolate during summer or as a warm, full flavoured hot chocolate during winter.

    Size: 1kg
    Units per shipper: 12